Services for Foreigners

Foreigners in Poznan: Legal Assistance & Formalities
Relocating to Poznan for a new job/business can be difficult and finding a new home can be even more of a challenge. With our professionals and multilingual relocation agents, international mobility teams, we assist you or your staff:

  • In settling into the new environment of Poznan;
  • We work with you from an initial consultation through to a supply of relevant property viewings and assistance in securing short-term and long term tenancies;
  • Schooling /University and Health Facility needs of the families of you or your staff;
  • Assigning an account manager for all your paperwork and legal assistance in Polish government offices;

We offer complete legal advice and consultancy to our clients in areas of :

  • business dispute resolution,
  • company formation and closure,
  • debt collection,
  • all employee-related issues concerning contract law.

Check our broad range of services which will make your first weeks in Poland easier.
From finding proper accommodation, giving you a personalized tour of the region, movie tickets, restaurant reservations or business venue bookings, to providing your children’s tutors.

Polish Citizens: Counseling & Legal Services Abroad
Would you like to live and work overseas? 
Life can be hard, especially when you are not in your country not speaking your language. Maybe, you don’t have anyone to talk to about your worries, or negative thoughts. Our counsellors are trained to put themselves in your shoes, to empathize and help you process and cope with any concerns or feelings you may have, or any emotional pain you may be suffering.
We, also, offer unique legal services for Polish expatriates by leveraging solutions that enable us to bring our international expertise directly to you no matter wherever in the world you might be living.